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Deconstructing the European facial So what exactly happens during a skin treatment? Whether you have never received a professional skin service or are a seasoned veteran in the treatment room. You may not know what is going on beyond the application of potions and lotions, steam and creams. I have broken down the steps to my Classic 60 minute facial. Hopefully this explains what I do as an esthetician while you lay back and relax! Reviewing the Intake Form Before I begin any treatment I will be going over your consultation card looking for allergies or anything else that would be considered a contraindication in the treatment room. This is an essential first step which will ensure your facial is customized for your skin. Double Cleanse The first cleansing will remove any surface dirt. This is generally done with an oil cleanser that is able to easily breakdown makeup and sunscreens. Allowing a second cleanser to work more efficiently and penetrate deeper into the pores. Steam can be used during this step to help soften the skin. Skin Analysis Now that the skin has been thoroughly cleansed a proper analysis will be conducted. Discussing your main concerns listed on the intake form and what your esthetician (Cate Campbell) can see under magnification as well as how the skin feels to the touch. At this point during the consultation a treatment protocol will be established. This is a great time to ask questions about home care and what results you want to achieve!


Exfoliating the skin will make it feel smoother to the touch. It also helps products to penetrate deeper when that top layer of dead skin has been removed. This increases cell turnover bringing dull skin back to life. There are many different ways to exfoliate. Physical or manual exfoliation which include facial scrubs, machines and brushes. There is also chemical exfoliation which employs the use of AHA’s (alpha hydroxy acids), BHA’s (beta hydroxy acids) or fruit enzymes. A combination of any of these physical and/or chemical exfoliants could be used depending on the skin type and condition.

Desincrustation A solution may be used after exfoliation to further soften the sebum (blackheads) that is clogging your pores. This would be left on for a few minutes and steam might be incorporated. This step would be dependent upon the amount of extractions needed and time available.

Extractions If needed the skin has now been sufficiently prepared for extractions. The magnifying lamp will be used making it easier to see any blackheads and/or pimples that can be extracted without harming or damaging the skin. Methods for manually extracting include a rolling technique with gloved hands and tissue, cotton swabs, lancets and metal extractors. Do not expect everything to be removed.

Massage Some would say that this is the best part of a facial! Not only does it feel great but it provides many important benefits to the skin. This includes but not limited to stimulating blood circulation, detoxing the skin by moving lymph, improving muscle tone, reducing puffiness and helping product penetration. My facial massage also encompasses the shoulders, neck and decollete.

Masking Depending on what results you are looking for will determine what type of treatment mask is used at this point. Masks can be used to draw out impurities, hydrate, nourish, calm, soothe, tighten or tone. I like to add a hand and arm massage while my client is masking. This is also the stage of the facial where I tend to hear snoring!

Finish Once the mask has been removed applications of the appropriate toner, serum, moisturizer, eye cream and sunscreen will end the facial. I will then go over proper home care and professional products that will help to maintain the benefits of the facial. After a skin treatment like this you will be glowing and feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. This initial boost of hydration will last for about 48-72 hours. Your skins cells regenerate between 28-48 days. The long term benefits of facial will help to decrease the length in time. You should schedule your next appointment in 4-6 weeks. I hope this was helpful and I will look forward as always to seeing you soon!

European facial using Dermalogica products

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