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Simplifying Sunscreen

Summer is fast approaching so here are some skin saving tips about sunscreens to remember before you hit the beach!

1. Use an SPF of 30 or higher

This is everyday. Rain or shine. Inside or outside. No exceptions. (OK a windowless room that you never leave, I will let slide!) UV rays can penetrate cloud cover and go through windows. Anything lower than 30 is not doing you any favors. A lower numbered SPF will only help prevent you from burning not protect against premature aging or Cancer. Always protect your skin. It protects you!

2. Look for ‘Broad Spectrum’

This means the sunscreen protects against UV-A rays (Cancer and Aging) and UV-B rays (Burning). I will assume you don’t want to burn, prematurely age or get cancer.

3. Apply liberally and early

This means all exposed skin. Roughly the size of a golf ball for the body and the size of quarter for the face. Do this at least 20 minutes before sun exposure if using a chemical sunscreen*.

4. Reapply every 2 hours

Higher SPF doesn’t translate to longer protection. There is no such thing as ‘sweatproof’, ‘waterproof’ or ‘long wearing’ when it comes to sunscreens. They all need to be reapplied every 2 hours! Keep bottles of sunscreen in your bag, car, everywhere you may need it.

5. Know that tanned skin is damaged skin

There is no such thing as a healthy tan. Tanning is your skin’s last resort to protect itself from the harmful UV rays that can and will cause you to burn, prematurely age and lead to skin cancer. The only healthy tan you can ever get is a spray tan.

*Difference between chemical and physical sunscreens

Chemical– works by absorbing the sun’s rays

Ingredients to look for:









Some people find chemical sunscreens to be irritating or experience allergic reactions. If this is the case discontinue use and switch to a different brand or type.

Physical– works by blocking or deflecting the sun’s rays

Ingredients to look for:

Titanium dioxide

Zinc oxide

Is effective immediately upon application. If you have acne caused by mineral makeup this will also make you break out. Safe for delicate,young skin.

SPF understanding sunscreen

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