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end of summer, end of sun

Did you know that the best and most effective anti-aging beauty product is already in your medicine cabinet? And you don’t need to spend a fortune and can pick it up at your local grocery store? Mine is however running dangerously low. So this week it was scratched on my shopping list in between the honey crisp apples and mozzarella cheese…..Have you guessed what it is yet?? Yes, sunscreen! If there was only one thing I could encourage my clients to use as an Esthetician it is sunscreen and to apply it often and liberally. Daily use and I mean daily as in 365 days a year daily. Vanity alone should be enough encouragement because it has been proven to keep you looking younger longer. So even if you aren’t poolside you need to be thinking about sunscreen. 95% of all UV rays can penetrate clouds, don’t even get me started on car windows and with winter around the corner these rays are reflected back up at you in the snow! You should always be wearing some where any skin is visible. So you would think a product that can keep you looking young and helps prevent skin cancers would be the #1 selling item in the beauty aisle. You would think. Let me tell you what happened last week when I went to pick up more sunscreen.

So I arrive at the store. Summer is over and the leaves are starting to change color. The Giant now has aisles upon aisles of fun size candy. Plastic pots full of blooming mums line the sidewalk out front. Just like at home where you have tucked the beach towels away in the back of the linen closet and the pool noodles are hanging from rafters in the garage.They have also changed with the season and embraced fall and I love it, but where in the world have they put the sunscreen? I get that you are not going to be accosted at every turn with yet another bright display screaming “Waterproof” or “Broad Spectrum”, but nothing? I had to pull my cart over and ask a stock boy where they were shelving it and he informed me that it had all been sent back. “Sent back? All of it?” I said in disbelief . I did a little research on this and found out that stores are given cash incentives to return the unsold sunscreen to the manufacturer who then in turn send it all down to the more southern states like Florida to sell off the remainder. Which I get to a degree we aren’t stocking up for beach weekends anymore but they couldn’t choose one or two bottles to stay here? How am I suppose to explain the importance of wearing this year round to my clients when you have to go on a not fun treasure hunt to even find it “out of season”?

sunscreen off season

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