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3 Easy Ways to 'Wake Up Pretty'

no make up make up

An easy guide to looking fresh and flawless this season with minimal effort


Lash Lifting has become increasingly popular lately and for good reason. This service lifts and curls your natural lashes making them appear longer and fuller. Add lash tinting to finish off the look with a shot of rich color. Make your next dive into the pool worry free and say goodbye to mascara running down your face. Results typically last around 8 weeks.


Tired of filling in your brows with pencils and powders that could easily be wiped off in the hot sun? Henna brows will stay put for two weeks. The perfect prep before your trip to the beach. Available in 7 customizable shades to get your perfect match. Now decide if you just want to fill in sparse brows or fake a fuller boy brow.


Don’t forget facials! Your skin will be taking a lot of abuse over the course of the summer. Increase in sun exposure and heavy sunscreens can leave you with a face dull and full of clogged pores. Getting regular facials over the summer with keep you glowing and fresh faced all season long.

*BOOK your Lash Lifting, Henna Brows and Facial at SKIN and WAX today!!!

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