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5 Tricks and Treats to Keep your Skin Flawless this Fall

The sweaty days of Summer are behind us. What to do now to keep your skin healthy and glowing!

fall skin care
  1. Sunscreen!!! SPF will always be number one on any skin care list I write, I can not stress this enough. It is the most effective anti-aging product currently in your medicine cabinet. Use it. My favorite is Pure Light SPF 50 which helps to brighten uneven skin tone perfect for erasing summer sun damage.

  2. Switch out your cleanser which may be too drying this time of year for a creamy one. Have you tried Dermalogica's new PreCleanse Balm? It melts into the skin like a dream.

  3. Use a heavier moisturizer and/or add a serum. This will help prevent TEWL (Transepidermal water loss) and keep you looking young and hydrated .My go to's for Fall PhytoReplenish Oil layered under Intensive Moisture Balance.

  4. Start the season with a really good exfoliation and stop looking like an extra from the Walking Dead. Book a BioActive peel or Pumpkin Spice facial . Take your skin's health to a whole new level and bring back it's natural radiance.

  5. Don't forget the water! Try to drink 60 oz of the wet stuff daily and add a humidifier at night in the bedroom.

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