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After Extensions

How to Repair your Natural Lashes after Extensions

Long, full, dark lashes have never been hotter than they are right now thanks to Hollywood. Everyone wants Instagram worthy eyes to bat at the camera, but who has time to load up on

tons of mascara every morning? And to achieve that look for some of us who weren't blessed in the eyelash department is difficult to say the least. All the mascara in the world will never transform our skimpy lashes to look like Kim K's. The alterative for most of us was lash extensions. But what if you tried lash extensions and realized they weren't for you? What if you couldn't keep up with the maintenance or it became too pricey? God forbid you had an allergic reaction to the glue. Did you know some contain formaldehyde? Scary! What I see everyday on clients is the damage that has been left by extensions. It can occur when they are not applied or removed properly, this includes using extensions that are entirely too heavy for your natural lash. Dirt and bacteria can also get trapped within the glue, extensions and your lashes causing eye infections which can also lead to lash loss. So your goal of having longer fuller lashes by getting extensions will actually end up making your natural lashes shorter, thinner and weaker.

What to do next when you find your lashes in much need of repair? Lash Rehab!

Natural Lashes

1. Start by using a growth serum like GrandeLashMD. It's my favorite and I have pics to prove it has worked miracles on my sparse lashes. I applied mine every night for 6 weeks. Now just a couple times a week to keep up the results.

2. Get Lifted! I absolutely adore my lashes now that I can actually see them! Lash Lifting makes your natural lashes appear longer. It opens up the eye area making you look more awake giving you an instant eye lift.

3. Get Tinted! No need to mess with mascara now unless you are going for a full glam look. The darker lashes will look healthier and give your look a much needed POP! I use a safe vegetable based tint which is super gentle on your lashes.

4. And finally BOTOX, no not that Botox. This is an Organic Lash Botox treatment. Specifically designed to repair damaged and/or broken eyelash fibers. Active organic ingredients and powerful peptides will moisturize, replenish, repair and revive your damaged lashes. Instantly add incredible shine, softness and eliminating dryness and the frizzies.

5. Book the Lifted and Tinted service at SKIN and Wax ASAP. While you are there pick up a tube of GrandeLashMD growth serum!!!

*This add on service will not be available until November 10, 2017

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