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Skin and Wax will be following the state of Maryland school system and is stopping services for the next two weeks beginning March 16th. Out of caution, all skin, brow, lash and waxing services will need to be rescheduled. If you need to replenish any products, times can and will be arranged for you to pick up any items. I'll have a no-touch approach and will increase my focus on hand washing, chair and hard surface cleaning/sanitizing before and after every client, I’ll be monitoring the situation closely and resume providing services as soon as possible. This was a difficult decision for me to make for my business but I believe it is my civic duty to do so. I have not made this decision lightly or because I'm panicking. It is because I believe we only have so much capacity to deal with those who can become sick. If we can delay/slow the spread of this virus, we have a chance to help more people effectively and not overwhelm our hospitals. I understand this situation is on everyone's mind right now. As circumstances continue to change, my goal is, to get back to providing the best services in a safe and welcoming environment as soon as possible. Thank you for understanding and your patience, Cate Campbell


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