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Breaking Bad (Skin Care Habits)

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Having a good and consistent skin care routine is key to getting and keeping your skin looking its best. Right now while the world is dealing with a pandemic your life probably looks a lot different. Whether your new normal now consists of working under stressful times from home or as an essential worker, here are some bad habits you will want to avoid to keep your skin healthy and happy.

Not Washing Your Hands

First things first, before cleansing your face make sure everything you plan on using in your skin care routine is clean; sponges, washcloths, facial brushes and even your hands. To take this even further you should make sure all make-up brushes and sponges are cleaned regularly. Right now with the Covid-19 changing our way of life, this regimen should be second nature to all of us. I recommend cleaning everything with antibacterial soap and sponges should be tossed after a week.

Stop Picking

Flakes, pimples, moles leave them all alone. As tempting as these imperfections can be to mess with, you are most likely causing more harm than good. This behavior can increase the risk of infection and possibly lead to scarring. Instead you can spot treat and/or ice a breakout. Flaky skin could either be a sign that you need to exfoliate or that you need to moisturize. Moles should be left alone. If they look suspicious make an appointment with your dermatologist when they have re-opened.

Skipping Your Nighttime Routine

It's so easy just to fall into bed after a long stressful day. But not cleansing at night can clog pores, cause breakouts and increase the signs of aging. If you are really struggling with getting into this routine try doing it earlier, like right before dinner. Think of all the extra hours those gorgeous serums and moisturizers get to do their thing making your skin more amazing!

Forgetting SPF

Did you know the #1 cause of premature aging is exposure to the sun? Did you also know the #1 product you can use on your skin to prevent premature aging is sunscreen? Seems like a no-brainer that using an SPF is the most important part of your skincare routine and needs to be used daily and year round. It not only protects your skin from harmful cancer causing UV rays, but it also keeps you looking more youthful longer. Uneven skin and fine lines are made more prominent when exposed to the sun. Why wouldn't you wear SPF daily to slow down the timeline?

Overdoing It

Yes, there such a thing as too much when it comes to skincare. I'm not talking about an elaborate Korean based 9 step routine. I'm 100% behind that level of skin care. I'm talking about over exfoliating by either using something that is too harsh for your skin or by doing it too often. Exfoliation is a vital step to keeping our skin in its best condition. It helps with cell turnover by making our skin brighter, smoother and looking super healthy. Sounds great, right? It is, but overdoing this step can damage the skin, making it dehydrated and irritated. Knowing which type of exfoliant to use is vital. As a general rule I recommend exfoliation 2-3 times a week.

Missing The Neck and Decolletage

Do not stop at the jawline. All steps in your skin care routine should include the neck and onto the decollete. This is one of the first areas that shows age, so make sure it's not skipped. I find that there is no need to buy a product that is labeled specifically for this area. All Dermalogica skincare products are designed to be used on the neck and decollete.

Waiting In-Between Steps

The key when going through your morning and evening skin care routines is not just using the products in the proper order but also not taking any breaks between steps. Unless a particular product states that it needs to be dry, before the next step. Your goal is to lock as much moisture into the skin. Ideally you should spritz a toner before your serum and moisturizer steps. Applying products onto damp skin also allows for easier application and penetration.

Using The Wrong Products Or Using The Right Products The Wrong Way

The most expensive, highest rated or even the stuff your best friend swears by may not be what's best for your skin. Getting your skin professionally analyzed by an esthetician is key to getting what's best for you. You should know what each product is and how to use it properly. Otherwise you are just wasting your time and money and possibly damaging your skin.

Saving the "Good Stuff"

Quality skin care products can be expensive. So if you have bought a professional grade product make sure you use, and don't just hoard it. It isn't doing your skin any favors collecting dust, and you aren't going to get the results you are seeking by using it sporadically. You also run the risk of the product expiring and active ingredients will lose their potency. Use it or lose it! If you are looking for a quick pick me up or want to give your skin a boost, try doing a mask or popping on some hydrating eye gels.

And Finally, Not Sleeping Enough

Our skin rejuvenates while we sleep. This is one of the reasons your nighttime routine is so important. Thoroughly cleansing our skin at night followed by the application of products that are designed to keep the skin at its healthiest. That is part of our nighttime routine, but actually sleep is important too. Lack of sleep accelerates the aging process.This can lead to dry skin, dark circles and fine lines can deepen. Any current issues with breakouts can multiply instead resolving themselves overnight. A consistent sleep schedule is essential to beautiful healthy skin.

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