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Bigger and Better

It feels like just yesterday Skin and Wax moved from that tiny one room studio to 166 Defense, it's actually been almost 4 years. I had hoped it would be our forever home but situations change and we pivot. So now we are off to bigger and better (literally)! I'm in love with the new location and I hope all of you will love it too. Located just off Bestgate road in Tidewater Colony. The buildings are easy to access from route 50 and are set back from the road a bit giving it a little campus feel. Tidewater Colony consists of two red brick buildings with plenty of parking and a quiet and peaceful vibe. No more playing Frogger to get out of the parking lot, I'm looking at you Defense Highway!

Things that are changing besides the address: Larger space, nicer layout for retail, our own bathroom and a washer/dryer! You are probably most excited about the bathroom. I am thrilled that I will no longer be dragging an Ikea bag of wet towels home nightly to wash. Right now the space is being renovated. It needs some work and I want to recreate the Skin and Wax look. Same colors and updating existing finishes. Projected move in date is the end of this month. Taking clients at the new space in February!!!

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